Free Printable Rulers

How helpful would it be to have printable rulers right at your fingertips? With these free and unlimited rulers you will never lose them again. Great as gifts, or items you can keep in the classroom. Have fun and print these free printable rulers over again and always have one laying around.

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Printable Rulers for Your Use


Do you need a lot of rulers fast for your students, and do not have much money to spend on them? These free printable rulers are a great alternative to the plastic, wooden, or metal ones you can buy in a store. The greatest thing is you will not have to spend anything on them. They will enjoy these just the same, possibly even more due to the fact that you can get a variety of cute and fun designs on the ones we have in our selection. Print off many extras of each type, so that you have enough if several students want the same one. It will make measuring class work more fun than it normally is for the kids.


Free Printable Rulers


Your kids will absolutely go wild over our free printable rulers on this page. There are numerous tasks which can be done within the class or homeschool setting with rulers, including creating maps to scale and learning about the different units of measurement in general. Find some interesting and fun ways in which to get your students or children to learn such concepts, and they will not only have a great time, but they probably will retain the information a lot easier. This is because they likely will not realize that they are learning, so they will not feel stressed and pressured. Print some of our printable rulers out today for your children or students.