Free Printable Rulers

Do you need numerous rulers fast for your students, and do not have much money to spend on them? These free printable rulers are a great alternative to the plastic, wooden, or metal ones you can buy in a store. Print off many extras of each type so that you have enough if several students want the same one.

Free Printable Rulers

Printable paper rulers

These are quick ways to calculate without a measuring tape. They are free and disposable, giving them perfection for one-time use, crafts, and sewing projects. Ideal for learning or if you don't have an accurate ruler but need to make a quick calculation, it is best to grab a printable ruler. The two measurements are printed on the top and bottom, giving you an accurate reading quickly without having to find your measuring tape. Print out as many of these as needed for quick use!

Printable paper rulers can become very handy in different situations. They may even work better than other types because they provide additional information at once since it does not need extra space or time to measure with a standard ruler. This type will give you both width and length at once! It is also disposable so that there are no issues if students get them wet or dirty, making it perfect for craft projects where multiple people will be using one tool over again until completion then breaking it down into smaller pieces for disposal.

Your free and accurate printable rulers templates

All our free printable ruler templates are created to print at DIN A4 paper size (210mm x 297mm or approx. 148dpi). Print them on both sides of the paper, cut off each end, and you're done! Congrats on your brand-new paper ruler.

Prepare printer setup for Ruler Templates

It is important to print the ruler at the actual size without scaling. If possible, download the PDF format to have the best possible print quality. Avoid the use of the size of the option to the page and color complete, as they will produce prints of bigger or smaller sizes. Some computer software such as Windows PC might use settings to set page scaling to “none” while some such as Mac computers may use the option to set it to 100%.

Don't shrink the rulers to fit

We prepared all the measurements in PDF files. When printing out, do not scale the print in your print settings, to make sure that you get the actual size on your print. By scaling the print, you'll lose the accuracy of the preparation of our free printable rulers. When your printer does not allow the print to fit the paper, turn off any margins you have set.

Free printable rulers templates

We want your students to enjoy these rulers as much as possible. Print out your paper ruler on bright-colored paper or card for a great colorful look and feel. We hope that you will be able to help bring our vision of more fun in math classes one step closer by providing all the necessary templates here at no cost. You can download your favorite printable ruler template for free or print it directly from our website.

Choose between metric rulers and centimeter ruler

In our library of printable rulers, you can choose between metric ruler and centimeter rulers. Print the size you need. Print out just one ruler, or print a whole set of printable rulers for your entire class to use in various activities together. We have different designs of printable rulers that are extra colorful and fun looking including many popular characters from movies or games children love such as Angry Birds, Hello Kitty, My Little Pony, Frozen Elsa Anna Printable Ruler Templates

How to cut out the printable rulers

We recommend using a paper cutter to cut out the printed rulers. If you don't have a paper cutter, you can use a sharp knife to make the cut. To make straight cuts, we recommend using a non-printed ruler to guide you when cutting the paper so that you do not cut off any inches.

We hope our selection of printable rulers will help save your budget and keep your students motivated with these fun-looking free printable rulers they can use for school, homeschooling activities, or even just during playtime at home where they might want to measure things around their home like their room size. Print out many extras in case other children would like one too because we know there are some who think it is fairer if everyone has their measuring tool instead of sharing.

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