Happy Girl Rabbit Easter Printable Coloring Pages

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Happy Girl Rabbit Easter Coloring Pages

Do you have children in your life who enjoy ribbons, bows, dresses and other girly things? If so, our free printable Easter coloring pages like this one is just the thing you are looking for. This image features a sweet girl rabbit with a ribbon in her hair and a ballerina style dress. Her big smile and happy wave will make anyone coloring this page happy as well. Encourage colorers to use pastel colors for a traditional Easter feel, or make it modern with hot pinks and vivid lime greens. Your imagination and theirs are sure to make each of these printable coloring pages unique.

Hand out Smiles With Our Printable Easter Coloring Pages

If you have a large classroom, our free printable coloring pages are a great, economical way to bring fun activities into your classroom. This Easter, why not print off a bunch of different pages to have your class color? We have something for every child. We have sweet bunnies and chickens, baskets full of eggs and mischievous rabbits, including the Easter Bunny himself. Our printable Easter coloring pages are a great way to send your students home with something fun for their parents to hang on the fridge. You can even have students chose multiple drawings and they can hand them out as Easter gifts to their parents.


Get Creative with Our Happy Girl Rabbit Printable Coloring Pages

You can encourage children and students to think outside the box with our printable coloring pages. Have them paint the grass any color but green and have them explain why. See how you can get them to decorate the flowers and ask them why they chose the colors and patterns they did. Have plenty of different supplies for them to use. Try felt, fabric, pasta, glitter and more. You can include ribbon for them to glue to the ribbon in her hair. If they want to try different mediums on different drawings you can also print out more of our free printable Easter coloring pages.

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