Free Printable Kindergarten Worksheets

We live in a world where there is an abundance of information at our fingertips. This includes worksheets for kindergarten! There are so many types of resources you can find online, and we want to introduce you to them all. We have collected together the best free sites that offer free printable kindergarten worksheets as well as those that provide interactive, online activities and games.

Free Printable Kindergarten Worksheets

Overview for our free kindergarten Worksheets

We have collected together the best free printable worksheets to offer you a better overview of the available printable kindergarten worksheets as well as those that provide interactive, online activities and games. There are so many types of resources you can find, and we want to introduce you to them all.

Sometimes it's just more convenient if everything is on paper - especially because it’s Important to train coordination while using a pen a paper instead of using the computer as the only learning device. Our website offers both workbooks (a series of pages bound together) and individual sheets which can be printed out by parents who prefer this method over digital downloads.

Games & Activity, free printable ideas

In addition, we offer online games and activities for kindergarteners. They can be fun to play on your own or with a friend - everything is free! Themes include math skills; counting items of things like shapes, numbers, letters, etc.; matching the same objects in terms of shape and size; understanding that bigger means more while smaller means less; sorting by size.

Online Activities: Math Skills: Counting Items

Some ideas are designing a story using specific number words such as “Pamela had five dogs” or using creative writing prompts about animals that come up with different combinations, so they can count them without saying the word out loud.

What should kids learn in kindergarten?

First, the child’s in kindergarten learn and improve their social interaction. Besides that important development and improvement of their social skills, they will also be able to count from one to ten. They may have their first introduction to letters and sounds through the alphabet song or singing words like an apple.

As a main rule, all worksheets should be a fun way to for the learning process. So, it's critical to not overdo the lessons with worksheets. We recommend mixing the worksheet lessons with other activities in the kindergarten.

They can use shapes such as circles, triangles, rectangles, etc., to practice describing what they see around them too – this is called visual discrimination skills. Kids should start noticing how size impacts other attributes of objects for example small things are easier for toddlers to hold while bigger items take up more space, so kids might want another seat at the table if there isn’t enough room because it makes sense that he/she would feel uncomfortable sitting on his lap!

Skill development for Kindergarten childs

Kids work with a teacher to develop their basic skills and build on them in the grades ahead. The following are a few examples of Kindergarten topics:

  • Introduction to letters, shapes, numbers
  • learn about colors and other attributes that distinguish one object from another

How do you prepare a kindergarten worksheet?

If you want to reuse the printed kindergarten worksheets you could laminate each worksheet. The kids can use the worksheet with a whiteboard marker. When you are done with the lesson, you can easily wipe it away. In the next lesson, another kid can use the worksheet without printing it out again.

Decide on the matching kindergarten worksheets

Find out what they want to do first by asking questions about your kid's interests, so you know how best to engage them during lessons, and then choose from these options below.

Learning Activities with free printable worksheets

There are a bunch of learning activities available for kindergarten-aged kids, and one of the best places to find them is on our website. We have a great list of free printable kindergarten worksheets for you to print it straight away!

Other ideas to use our free kindergarten worksheets

There are many ways to use these worksheets, and we've got the perfect ideas for you.

  • Give your kids something new to do during their break time by providing them with some free printable kindergarten worksheets
  • Help teach children about shapes and colors while keeping it fun at the same time! Use our free printable matching games for kindergarteners to help reinforce what they're learning in school.
    • What's included in our free Worksheet printables

      The free worksheets includes everything you need (just add scissors!) - printing instructions, cards with pictures on one side, and numbers or letters on the other side so that players can match up pairs without looking at either card face all the way through.

      How can I download a PDF Version?

      We don't have a PDF Version for every Kindergarten Worksheet in place. If we can offer a PDF Worksheet, then please log in as a PrintablesFree User. With your login, you can download the PDF Worksheet, too.

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