Prince Eric and Ariel Disney Printable Coloring Pages

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Prince Eric and Ariel Disney Printable Coloring Pages

This heartwarming scene feature Prince Eric and Ariel together in a rowboat, along with Sebastian and other singing wildlife. Our printable coloring pages are sure to bring laughter into your home. The Little Mermaid is one of the most classic Disney movie of all time, and anyone, young or old, can appreciate them. If your kids are big Disney fans, or you are introducing them to movies you watched as a kid, our free printable Disney coloring pages are a great way to get them to recognize these beloved characters. Have fun taking a trip down memory lane as well as creating new memories.

Sing Along With Sebastian With Our Printable Disney Coloring Pages

One of the most memorable things about Disney movies is their great soundtracks. Just from looking at this picture you can tell the animals are singing while Eric and Ariel enjoy a romantic boat ride. Our free printable coloring pages can be a great accompaniment while listening to the soundtrack. You and your kids can sing along while coloring, and when you are done you will have lots of great printable Disney coloring pages to decorate your walls and your fridge. Have fun singing and dancing in between coloring. Dress up like the characters to make the time even more special.


Prince Eric and Ariel Printable Coloring Pages Are Sure To Warm Your Heart

The playful animals in this scene really capture the joyous times in the movie. This along with many other of our printable coloring pages can bring happiness into your home and laughter to your table. Try to talk or sing in Sebastian’s voice. Your kids will have fun trying to mimic his accent along with you. You can also print out more of our free Disney printable coloring pages featuring Ariel for your kids to color when they are done with this one. Have fun and get creative. You can use shiny paper for the water and wood grain scrapbook paper to give the boat a real nautical feel.


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