Abraham Lincoln Happiness Printable Quotes

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Abraham Lincoln Happiness Printable Quotes

If you are a history teacher trying to incorporate positive messages with your lessons, our free printable happiness quotes are a great way to do that. Many students know quotes from Lincoln about his time as president, but the really powerful ones about the human condition are often lost. Our printable quotes are a good way to show that we can relate to even presidents like Abraham Lincoln when it comes to our emotions. You can print out as many of these quotes as you like. Have your students write down things that make them happy and display these printables throughout your classroom.

Give the Gift of Happiness with Our Printable Quotes

If you know of a teacher or other educator in your life that likes cute, cheerful, and meaningful quotes, our free printable quotes can be a great gift for them. You can decorate this image of a heart balloons and children with metallic string and glitter to make it stand out. Then glue it to some canvas or even a cardboard backing and frame it for a unique, heartfelt gift they are sure to cherish. This gift idea can also be great for youth counselors, principals or anyone who works with children.You can use any of our printable happiness quotes, all free of charge to you.


Teach With Our Printable Happiness Quotes

If you are looking for a fun activity for your students, why not try using all of our free printable happiness quotes in your next classroom activity. This can be a great way to remind your students of how they can bring happiness into their life. You can print out and put all of our quotes up on the board, covering the authors names. Split students into groups and have them match the authors you give them to the quotes. Use this as an opportunity to speak about the lives of Aristotle and Abraham Lincoln. Have fun with our printable quotes, and use any of our other quotes and activities on this site for other lesson plans.

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