Free Printable Crafts

What could be better than free printable crafts on a rainy or boring day? When there isn’t much to do, and you are bored, remember to check our free printable crafts section. Here you can find multiple paper crafts and printable graphics to use and have fun. You can print them for free and use them for scrap booking or just for writing a diary or journal entry. Along with these crafts, we also have a great variety of quality printouts in different categories. From cards to lessons and more, there is so much to print and share from our website.

Free Printable Crafts

Enjoy Printable Crafts Today with Your Children and Other Loved Ones

Welcome to our printable crafts section. We have free printable crafts, including paper crafts, stencils, rulers, paper, and bookmarks. Our crafts are customizable, for your convenience. Options for customization include adding custom text & images, changing the size of the document, as well as rotating or flipping it. Text may be changed to any of a wide variety of colors, and  any font that you choose. Additionally, you can save a copy of the craft with your customizations on your computer, or share it through social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or Pinterest. That way, you can share these with all of the people who you are connected to via these sites.

Check Out These Free Printable Crafts Today

There is a lot of variety to our crafts. Our printable paper crafts include paper box projects, in pink, purple, yellow, and light blue. We also have paper house projects, which are great for the imagination and for kids to make and play with during play time. Our printable stencils include a variety of animals, and dinosaurs, wizards and faeries. Our printable ruler patterns come in a variety of styles, including a wood pattern, and various colors. Most have markings for inches and centimeters. You can print out rulers instead of buying them in the store. With our printable paper patterns, you can have stylish patterns for your art projects. Our border patterns include butterfly patterns, colorful lace patterns, an alphabet pattern, and a hand print pattern. Our printable bookmarks come in a variety of styles as well, including snowflake patterns, math, and geometry themed patterns. If you have a printer, you can print these at no cost.

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