Turkey Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Page

Free Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Pages Printable Coloring Pages , Free Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Turkey Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Page

While waiting for the dinner to be served, keep kids busy by these cool printable coloring pages. Set their moods into the spirit of Thanksgiving by giving them these free printable Thanksgiving coloring pages including the pilgrims, pumpkins, turkeys, the Mayflower, cornucopia, native Americans and many more! Give them a reason to be
very grateful this Thanksgiving Season! Start downloading now and download as many as you can because they are all totally for free!

A Printable Coloring Page Used To Explain Thanksgiving History

Thanksgiving dinner wouldn't be complete without a delicious roasted turkey, just like this printable Thanksgiving coloring page! Basically, they have become one of the symbols of Thanksgiving. Curious little ones may ask why so it is up to the adults to explain to them how turkeys became one of the symbols of Thanksgiving. How did it actually start? Actually, long before the "first meal" of the pilgrims and native Americans, turkeys were the most common fowl in native America. Though it was uncertain that turkeys were served during the first meal, but in a letter sent to England, Edward Winslow, one of the Pilgrim described how the governor sent four men out to hunt for food and they returned with turkeys, ducks and geese.

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