Thanksgiving Native American Boy and Girl Printable Coloring Page

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Thanksgiving Native American Boy and Girl Printable Coloring Page

Perfect for Thanksgiving or when studying American history, this printable coloring page shows a young Native American boy and girl dressed appropriately. You can also check out other printable Thanksgiving coloring pages for other Thanksgiving symbols. So give your kids a lot to thank about this Thanksgiving season. Download and print now for more fun filled activities that you can get your kids. Put those artistic hands and creative minds to work this holiday season!

Printable Thanksgiving Symbols and other Coloring Pages

Want to know why the native Americans were always included as a Thanksgiving symbol? The story goes back to the pilgrims who sailed to America for their religious freedom. As they arrived, they faced a terrible winter and many had died. But fortunately, there were native Americans who helped the pilgrims during their first year. They taught them how to cultivate their own land and gave them some food in order to survive. After a year, when their first harvest came, they celebrated a feast and invited the native Americans to come over. That is when the first Thanksgiving came. This native Americans printable coloring page is available for you to download to help you or your kids remember the Thanksgiving story. Download other printable coloring page to see other Thanksgiving symbols.

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