Printable Cornucopia Thanksgiving Coloring Page

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Printable Cornucopia Thanksgiving Coloring Page

Kids are sure to enjoy these easy-to-color pages on Thanksgiving or any day! Do you have kids who enjoy coloring? Print out these free printable Thanksgiving coloring pages and quickly hand them over to your children or students for an instant activity. The kids will love coloring in all the fun images of Thanksgiving. These printable coloring pages can also be an excellent way to introduce the kids to the history of Thanksgiving. A simple coloring page to print for children to color. Perfect for autumn, Harvest or Thanksgiving. Our Happy Thanksgiving design makes a fun coloring card to print, colour and give to family or friends on Thanksgiving. Click download for a high quality printable.

History of the Thanksgiving Cornucopia Printable Coloring Page


You may always see a horn like this every thanksgiving season and wonder what it is. This basket-like horn is called the "Cornucopia". Have you ever wondered why it is always filled with fruits and vegetables? There are different varieties on how the cornucopia came to be. But the story of it was rooted from Greek mythology. Some say that a goat named Almalthea nursed Zeus, a Greek god, when he was hidden in a cave when he was an infant. Her horn broke off when they were playing together. After she passed away, Zeus put her among the horn magically turned into a cornucopia that would overflow with whatever it's owner desires. Others say that Almalthea was not a goat but a nymph who used a goat to nurse Zeus. When the goat's horn broke, she filled it with fruits and flowers. Some say that the story is about Akheloios, a river god, who was a large bull with horns atop a man's head. Akheloios and Herakles wrestled each other for the hand of princess Deianeira. It was in this competition, where one on Akheloios' horns were broken and made into the cornucopia, which again overflowed with the owner's desires. There are many versions of this story but it always points out that the cornucopia is a horn that is filled with the good things in life. It is a symbol of abundance. To remind you of the cornucopia's story, print this printable Thanksgiving coloring page and color them. You can also look for other printable coloring pages and download them.

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